Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Roads Lead To...


I can hardly believe that I am back in Ohio once again! Actually I have been here for the past two months on assignment for Hurricane Ike, so I should be over the disbelief by now. Who would ever think that a hurricane would pass through Ohio???

I have always heard the saying 'Never say NEVER' and now I truly buy into it. After being in a relationship with a Buckeye (I'll spare names so I don't have to go back to therapy) I said that I would 'never, ever, ever move to Ohio'! Then about 4 years ago, I moved to Cincinnati when I decided to make a career change. As soon as I could (18 months later) I left Cincinnati as quickly as I arrived and relocated to Dallas, TX. And now, as my luck would have it, I am back in Ohio again...I just can't seem to shake this place!

In light of my travels bringing me back to Ohio, I am beginning to wonder if I am really meant to be in Ohio for some unknown reason. I'll go on record and say that I'm not sold, and I'll be glad when this assignment is over!