Tuesday, November 18, 2014

San Diego...Here I Come!

Yes, the countdown is officially on...only 3 days until the Susan G. Komen San Diego 3-Day Walk! 

It seems strange that I'm walking the last walk of the series this year.  Usually my 3-Day season is over by this time and I'm wondering what to do with myself in the months to come. 

I'll admit I'm still on my 'pink high' from the Dallas walk that took place a little over a week ago. I met so many wonderful people! As always, the walk left me thinking about how can I do more regarding breast cancer education and early detection; what can I do to support the families fighting this horrible disease; what can I do to make a bigger impact? 

I'm looking forward to the San Diego walk - yes, to meet more of my PINK family and also for some much needed soul searching to figure out what my next steps are.