Thursday, December 20, 2012

NYC Isn't For Me

Earlier this week I mentioned that I had been staying pretty busy. This has mainly been from a new work assignment in Melville, NY. Unless you’ve been secluded away on a remote island, you’ve probably heard about Hurricane Sandy that struck the East Cost the end of October.
The last time I worked in New York was about six years ago. At that time I was working in Buffalo, so I might as well have been working in another country compared to being as close as I am to NYC right now.
Even though I grew up in an extremely small town, after I went off on my own I quickly learned that I like the conveniences and things to do in a big city. So one would probably think that working on Long Island, and being 30 minutes from NYC would be great for me. But it’s not.
NYC is just a little too big for me. I don’t like how public transportation is the only transportation in NYC. The other day I took the train into the city. Going into the city wasn’t too bad, but the return trip was. The train was crowded and full of people who had obviously had a more intoxicating evening than I had. (There was one too many Santa Claus’ on the train who had a bit much of holiday cheer.) And to top it off the train had a strange mixture of smells…people, booze, and food (which I still have no idea how anyone would want to eat on a train). By time I returned to the station it was all I could do to get in my car, make a bee line for the hotel, strip, and take a shower before going to bed. I just felt dirty.
Culturally NYC has tons to offer. I love the theatre and I am hopeful to take in some shows. I did see The Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular (for the third time, although first time on Broadway!) which is wonderful if it’s touring in a city near you. I would love to see the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art too. I’m just hoping that my germ phobia, public transportation fears, and dislike of large crowds doesn’t scare me off too much.
If you've been to NYC and loved it, please let me know where to go and what to see!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Always a Great Time For...Skincare!

Most people who know me know that I am a bit obsessed with skincare and make up. (Side note: just yesterday I found this wonderful skincare and makeup store…but that’s for later!) Imagine my surprise when I received an early Christmas gift notification for a one year subscription to Birchbox!
Let me be the first to admit that I had never heard of Birchbox (although thankfully my sister has!). It is a monthly service that sends you a box of beauty and lifestyle samples each month. Definitely right up my alley since I love to try to new skincare and cosmetic products.

Picture from

Unfortunately it might be a little while before I see my first Birchbox. I returned to a work assignment before I received the first box. And by time I travel home again, there might be two boxes waiting for me!
Stay tuned, more to come on Birchbox!
Ok, it’s later!
The other day while I was on the search for a Christmas gift for someone I found the most wonderful skincare store….Bluemercury! The best way for me to describe Bluemercery would be to say that it's a boutique version of Sephora or Ulta. The store is much smaller than Sephora and Ulta although it was wall to wall of the best of the best of skin care products. I was like a kid in a candy store!
The staff was extremely helpful without being overbearing and pushy. The icing on the cake is that the store also offers spa services. I was able to get my eyebrows waxed and shopping done at the same time! The particular store that I went to in Woodbury, NY has a new esthetician and I will be taking part of her introductory 50% all facials.
The store also offers complimentary gift wrapping. Major plus for someone like me who loves receiving a pretty package yet hates wrapping gifts!
And although I can't tell you exactly what I purchased (the recipient of said purchases might be reading my blog!) two of the brands that I love are Sara Happ and fresh. Never fear, after the fisrt of the year I'll tell you about the products I purchased.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

iPhone...Part II

Looks like I’ve been gone for a little while! Guess it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun (and well, not having fun too).
Please don’t think that I’ve been all caught up with my new iPhone since I was last here. Although it has taken some getting used to, that’s for certain. I probably shouldn’t say it, but…I can’t say that I absolutely love my iPhone. (I know the true, die hard Apple lovers out there are shaking their heads in disbelief) When I said this to a friend of mine, all she could say was “Well, if you really miss your Android then maybe you should return your iPhone”. But it was the way that she said it, like she was totally disappointed in me. It was almost like I had said that her baby was ugly or that the lipstick she had on was hideous. She really took offense to me not being totally and completely in love with my iPhone.
I think I was just really used to my Android phone. Honestly the only reason I switched to an iPhone is because I have an iPad and I wanted to have all of my Apps on the same platform so I was getting the full benefit of the paid Apps that I have.
Fast forward to now!
I have found some things that I really love:
1)      I really love having my iTunes library on my phone so I can listen to my music whenever I want.
2)      I really love that I am able to stream my music via blue tooth in my car to listen to my music.
And my list probably stops there.
Siri and I have a love hate relationship. Although the other day after I thanked her for something, she said ‘You’re welcome. I live to please you.’ If only everyone felt that way.
If you have any cool hints and tips for iPhone please share them with me!