Sunday, July 25, 2010

2011 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Series

Yesterday the first 2010 3-Day for the Cure Walk series started in Boston, MA (Go Walkers!).

And guess what? I also received an email announcing the 2011 3-Day for the Cure Walk series!

Decisions, walk or not to walk, that is the question. And as of this moment, I don't have an answer. My indecisiveness has nothing to do with not having walked my first (as in more than one) 3-Day walk this year. (Believe me, once you walk 1 time, you will be hooked for life!). I am wondering if it is time for me to show my support and appreciation in another way by being a crew member instead of a walker.

But please, don't let my wandering thoughts prevent YOU from signing up for a 3-Day Walk for next year. The following are the event cities and dates:

2011 3-Day for the Cure Schedule

Boston July 22-24 Cleveland July 29-31
Chicago August 5-7 Michigan August 12-14
Twin Cities August 19-21 Denver August 26-28
San Francisco Bay Area September 9-11
Seattle September 16-18 Washington, D.C. September 23-25
Philadelphia October 14-16 Atlanta October 21-23
Tampa Bay October 28-30
Dallas/Fort Worth November 4-6 Arizona November 11-13
San Diego November 18-20

And, if you register by November 23rd you can receive a $35 registration discount using the code CURE2011.

What's stopping YOU from making the journey of a lifetime?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

Wow, I can hardly believe that my last post was April 1st. Where has the time gone? Where have I been? I'm so glad that you asked...

After returning home from a work assignment in January, I decided that it was time for me to try to get my life in order. Well, at least sit down and come up with a plan for my life. For those who know me well, you already know that my life is a form of organized chaos, I can't sit still, and no one ever knows what I will do next.

In March, I decided to pursue my Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training degree. That's in addition to working a full time job that has the added excitement of never knowing when (or where) I will be called on assignment (or for how long), and training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk (oh, did I forget to mention that I am walking in TWO 3-Day events this year?).

I quickly found out that there really aren't enough hours in the day! I used to say 'People make time for the things that they really want to do'. Well, I have since retracted that statement. After working a 12+ hour day (6 days a week), studying, and trying to find time to train, there isn't too much time for anything else. I soon realized that work gets in the way, and I really would be happy just being a student and a walker.

So, that is where the time has gone for me. But never fear...I'm back!!!