Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Day Training Officially Begins!

For many people, the Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. For me, it marks the official beginning of my 3 Day Walk training season!

It is so hard to be believe that 6 months have passed since the Dallas Walk. Fortunately I have a great team that I walk with so there have been endless opportunities to see one another (3 Day and non-3 Day related). That's just one of the great things about the 3 Day...the people that I have met that have become my extended family. Living so far away from my own family, it is nice to know that I have people here in Dallas who care about me and are just a phone call away if I need anything.

I was able to get in 6 training miles over the weekend. Here's to many more training walks and stories!

And Happy Memorial Day to all of those who have risked their lives to serve and protect our country!