Friday, August 14, 2009

Skincare Junkie

I love, love, LOVE skincare products! And my friends that have spent hours with me in Sephora can second that. Last night when I was out with friends, one asked if I had anything she could use for her lips. Well, of course I did! My two new favorite lip products are Estee Lauder's Nutritious Vita-Mineral Lip Treatment and Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15.

The Estee Lauder product just feels like heaven when you place it on your goes on smooth and you can just feel it hydrating your lips. The great thing is that it has lots of nutrients (hence the name!) which really help my very dry lips. I use this product all by itself, under matte lipsticks, or on top of lipsticks to give an extra glossy shine. (My friend liked it too, especially once people started asking her what type of lip gloss did she have on and that her lips looked wonderful)

The Sugar Lip Treatment is just as great for a different reason. Due to the cost, I only use this product in the morning before I go walking (since it has SPF) and at night before I go to bed. This product really penetrates the skin and it is also a great exfoliater.

So if you are looking for 2 great lip products I personally endorse these! They can be found at any major department store that carries Estee Lauder and Fresh skincare products.


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