Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weight Watchers

On February 19th I decided to join Weight Watchers. And no, this isn’t my first time at attempting to change my eating habits and lose weight in the process. I decided to join (again) after seeing Jennifer Hudson on Oprah. I am amazed at how remarkable she looks!

Jennifer spoke about feeling empowered since she had lost her extra weight which really struck a chord with me. Every since I completed my first 3 Day for the Cure event in 2009, I have felt empowered to better my health. The only problem is that I have used walking as an excuse for me to eat whatever I want and not as a way for me to lose weight. This year I have decided that things will be different. I have decided that I want to lose my extra weight once and for all. My goal is find a way to balance endurance walking while still providing my body with the nutrients that it requires and losing weight in the process.

So far I am down 9.4 pounds…I had a little stumbling block a few weeks ago when I went to visit family. I’ll be honest, the 2 pounds that I gained back those few days were worth all of the home cooked meals that I had!

Right now I am trying to remain focused since I am back to work and every other day seems to be a Food Day in the office. Last week I tried to get a yummy looking Lemon Square when somehow it jumped off my napkin and to the floor! I took that as a sign from someone bigger than me that I needed to stay strong! So far I am doing pretty good with packing my lunch every day and being in control of what I eat.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding my weight loss journey. I will try to ‘weigh in’ with everyone once a week to let you know how I am doing. If you have any suggestions that you would like to pass along, please feel free too!


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