Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Restroom Cell Phone Talking

Have you ever walked into a restroom to hear someone having a conversation but obviously there is no one else in the restroom other than you two? Then you quickly realize that you have a 'cell phone restroom talker' on your hands!

I first ran into this problem a few years ago with a family member. We were out to lunch when they excused them self to use the restroom. After some time passed (enough time for them to use the restroom in my opinion) I had to use the restroom myself. As I entered the restroom, I could hear my family member talking. I proceed to handle my business and leave the restroom. When they finally returned to the table I inquired about what I had witnessed in the restroom.

They proceeded to tell me that their cell phone rang as they were entering the restroom. (Me thinking: 'Um, why couldn't you let it go to voicemail?'). They decided to answer the call and proceed on with their business at hand. I think that after some strong words I succeeded with the world having one less cell phone restroom talker.

Now, there now seems to be an epidemic with talking on a cell phone while in the restroom. I was at work the other day, and a co-worker was inside the stall talking on their cell phone. It was obviously a personal call ('How are my doggies doing?) and not something life changing ('You have just won $1,000,000!).

I left the restroom to vent my frustrations to another co-worker. I soon realized that maybe I am the only person that has a problem with people talking on a cell phone while in the rest room!

Me: Can you believe that someone was just in the restroom talking on their cellphone?!

Co-Worker: (laughing) What's wrong with that? What are they supposed to do?

Me: (thinking - are you serious?!?!) They have two choices. If they are on the phone prior to entering the restroom, they can end the call ('May I call you back in a few moments?') OR wait until the call is finished and then enter the restroom.

Co-Worker: But what if the phone rang as they were walking in?

Me: (thinking again - are you really serious?!?!) They have the option of not answering the call and letting it go to voicemail, answer the call and tell the person you will call them back in a few minutes, or take the call and once you are finished proceed to enter the restroom.

Co-Worker: What is your problem with talking on a cell phone in the restroom?

Me: (thinking - SERIOUSLY???) It is an invasion of my privacy! I am in there for legitimate reasons. Now I feel like I have to be quiet (IE - not flush the toilet) because someone else is having a conversation. And heaven forbid that I have a really serious bathroom problem that produces a bit more sound!

Me: And let's not even go there about their hands touching the cell phone and then trying to wipe themselves. Are they disinfecting the cell phone once they leave the restroom? (Note to self: don't EVER even think about using someones cell phone again!)

After a few minutes, I realized that I was not getting anywhere with my rant. Then I began to wonder, am I the only person who has a problem with people talking on their cell phone in the restroom?


Tia said...

i understand.

not only is it WEIRD, it's also STUPID, because that is a PRIME opportunity to accidentally drop your phone in the toilet.

Terry Elisabeth said...

I work in a library and it happens all the time that students talk on their cell while doing their business and I find this so rude ! But so weird too. What are they thinking ?! Don't they mind that everyone can hear them do their stuff ?!
Well, I can tell you that I don't mind speaking loudly, flushing a couple of times and washing my hands and drying them for a good long while...hoping they get the message. But they never do...

Mrs Bee said...

Nope, not the only one.

Just think of the germs...

Happy ICLW!

Linda Fulkerson said...

Okay, you made me laugh out loud and most of my family is still sleeping (it is Saturday morning, after all!).

My advice is flush away, honey -- it's their fault for yapping in there anyway. (Besides, it's highly likely you'll never see the talker again if it's a public place, and the person on the other end has no clue who you are, so make as much noise as you need to -- maybe that'll teach 'em!)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Linda Fulkerson

Zelda said...

I wouldn't do it in a public restroom, I dont think. But i talk on my phone in the potty at home at at work! and yeah, I'm always afraid I'm going to drop it in!
Stopped by from ICLW! Happy Day!

Jessica said...

You are definitely not alone! You must have picked the one other person in your office who thinks it's cool, because I don't know anyone who does! It's so beyond disconcerting and disgusting I can't even describe it! BARF!! We're just all waaaay to attached to the idea that we'll "miss" something if we don't answer the phone. I mean, how long does it really take to do your bidness in a bathroom, anyway? Returning a call can't take wait that long?? I mean, REALLY! haha


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