Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kid Sized Grocery Carts

I would really like to know who thought up the 'great idea' to create kid sized grocery carts?

I have to believe that the person who thought of this idea is a parent. A parent that probably thought 'This will give little Suzy something to do while we are in the grocery store. Suzy will feel like a big girl because she helped Mommy with the grocery shopping'. And in a perfect world of teaching responsibility to children, this would have been a great idea.

Problem? Someone forgot to create 'The Rules' for the kid sized grocery cart! And this is where I step in...

Rule #1 - Kid sized grocery carts can only be used Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. (Sorry if Suzy has school. An education is far more important than pushing a grocery cart.)

Rule #2 - Only one kid sized grocery cart per family. (Yes, I have seen a family of 5 in the grocery store and all three of the kids were pushing a kid sized grocery cart. Why not use Dad to his fullest potential and give him a cart since he tagged along?)

Rule #3 - The kid sized grocery cart shall remain within 3 feet of the adult sized grocery cart at all times. (Why does Suzy need to be alone half way down the aisle with her kid sized grocery cart?)

Rule #4 - There must at least 5 items from the grocery store in the kid sized grocery cart. (Did you really only give Suzy a kid sized cart just to push her doll in in? Seriously?)

Now, if every parent will just follow the rules everyone like me (childless and in a hurry) will have a much better grocery store experience.


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