Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's Today's Date?

I’ll admit that I can be a bit obsessive about some things. Watches are one of them. I really don’t know where my watch fascination came from, although I can always remembering wearing one since when I was in high school. My very first watch is one that my Dad purchased for me. It had a brown leather band with a mother of pearl face and roman numerals for the numbers. (And believe it or not I still have the watch in my jewelry box)
Well, I believe my watch fascination has turned into a ‘problem’…
Earlier today when I glanced down at my watch, I noticed that the date was set to the 18th. Even though I didn’t have any idea what today’s date was, I didn’t think it was the 18th. So, I proceed to look at my cell phone and realized that today is the 13th. The 13th?!?!
Hard to see, although it does say the 18th
So, this means I haven’t worn this particular watch in several months since the date has skipped ahead by 5 days!
And truth be told, I have 5 watches. (And you might be wondering why anyone needs five watches) Each one has a different function…dressy, casual, gold versus silver.
I know, probably not real justifiable reasons, huh?


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