Saturday, October 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Here are my awkward and awesome moments for the week (Inspired by E from E is Random who was inspired by Sydney at The Daybook):

·         Thinking that I was going to just ‘run in’ Wal-Mart during my lunch hour. Funny how the Speedy Checkout lane isn’t really speedy.
·         Learning the hard way that if someone in Wal-Mart offers to let me go ahead of them in the checkout line that I should jump at the offer and not say “Thanks, but I’m fine.”
·         Going to a nail place and receiving shoddy work. The nail tech already knew her paint job was questionable as I saw her looking at it. Then she wanted to act offended when I asked her to correct the problem.
·         One of my favorite chick lit authors writing an essay for Allure magazine and it leaving me feel a mix of emotions about her thoughts and myself.
·         Going to Starbucks and having the Barista know my name. What’s awesome is that this isn’t my local Starbucks and I have only been inside this particular one two times.
·         Booking my plane ticket to leave my current work assignment.
·         Picking up a postcard to send to a friend’s nephew who is learning about the states in school. Hopefully he doesn’t already have one for the state of Missouri!
·         This time next week I’ll be in Washington, DC walking my yearly breast cancer walk!
·         Receiving additional donations this week for my breast cancer walk.
·         Making a weight loss pact with a good friend of mine. Our first goal is lose 25 pounds before our department annual meeting in January. (Stay tuned for more updates!)


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