Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SGK Washington, DC Walk – Day 2

Little did I know how difficult Day 2 of the walk was going to be! Partially due to my training being inconsistent this year and mainly due to HILLS! Hills and LOTS of them!

I never thought about DC being a hilly city. (Ok, yes I have heard of Capitol Hill, although…I didn’t realize it is an actual hill until I walked it!) The most deceiving part is that the hills are long and slow gradual inclines and they last about 2 miles before leveling off and only to start again.
The great thing is that our Walker Stalkers were at our first cheering station of the day!
Angels for the Cure - Walkers and Walker Stalkers
After switching our accommodations, we realized that our hotel was only about a ½ mile from the first cheering station and that much of the Day 2 walk was in walking distance for our Walker Stalkers. This was great since parking is a premium in DC and it allowed the Walker Stalkers to get in some training miles for their upcoming Dallas 3-Day Walk.
Once we arrived at lunch, my feet and legs were really feeling the toll of walking the hills. So I decided that I would take a sweep van to the next Pit Stop and catch up with my team there. Although I hated to take the sweep van, I knew that it was important for me to be able to save my feet for the miles ahead of me. And little did I know that I would end up taking the sweep van again to take me to Camp for the end of the day. I’ll be honest, this is my 6th 3-Day event and I have learned to listen to my body (ok, my feet!). And there’s no shame in taking a sweep van especially if continuing on might result in an unnecessary injury.
I almost forgot! At the end of Day 1, I did check the Camp Post Office and I had mail and Sweet Treats from family and friends! I have to admit that the mail is one of the highlights of the event although I typically don't provide my family and friends with the address to send me mail. It's nice to know that people are thinking of me and their words of encouragement really help to get me through the miles.


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