Sunday, September 6, 2009

Double Digit Training Walk Weekend

I knew that one weekend it would happen and this was the weekend: back to back double digit Breast Cancer 3-Day training walks!

Throughout my training for the 3-Day I believe that I have been discounting how far I walk. When family and friends ask me 'How miles did you walk today?' my usual response is 'I only walked X miles today'. The 'only' part comes in because typically my answer is 1 or 2 miles more than I walked the previous weekend. So in my mind I only walked 1 or 2 miles more than I did the previous week.

Being the visual person that I am, I had to figure out what these training miles really look like. This morning as I drove from my house to the training walk I calculated the mileage on the odometer in my car. It was 15 miles. The training walk yesterday was 14 miles. And at that moment I had a visual of what the miles really look like...a far distance!!!

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't even think about walking 14 miles for something. And believe me, there are lots of 'somethings' out there that I would like to have (a new car, jewelry, a Sprinkles cupcake), but the thought of walking 14 miles for it would keep it on the the 'Nice To Have One Day' list. But once I started training for the 3-Day, I never stopped to think about the training miles. I only thought about doing something for a cause that I have always supported, and that participating in this walk is the least that I can do to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Back to the double's training walk was 10 miles to make a grand total of 24 miles walked this weekend. Yep, that is a lot of miles. Next time someone asks me about my training miles I will leave the 'only' part out!


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