Sunday, September 13, 2009

Training in the Rain

When I first signed up for the 3-Day walk, a fleeting thought crossed my mind that it could possibly rain the weekend of the walk. But I talked myself out of that happening by saying 'How could it possibly rain that weekend when we are walking to find a cure for breast cancer?'. (We'll have to wait and see what happens the weekend of November 6th!)

Well, I don't think I ever really thought about it raining the day of a training walk. And guess what? It happened not only once, but TWICE in one weekend!

When I awoke on Saturday morning I checked to see if it was raining outside. There was a light drizzle and the forecast was indicating pretty high percentages for rain during the hours of the training walk. And since I didn't have any rain gear, I thought it might be best not to walk. (I was also nursing a small foot injury so I really took this as a sign that I should stay in - smile!)

So along comes Sunday morning. And guess what? It wasn't drizzling like yesterday, it was really raining! Since I had only walked one other day this week, I felt bad (and I really missed training!) and decided that I was going to train in the rain today. So I packed my rain parka (yes, I purchased one yesterday in anticipation of the rain) and left for my training walk.

When I arrived there were other dedicated walkers waiting. As always, Debby (my team captain) was there with everything anyone needed that they might have forgotten to walk in the rain. She even met me at my car with an umbrella for me to sign in!

We started off the walk and things really weren't too bad. Everyone was in good spirits and we determined that this would be good experience and preparation in case it does rain during the 3-Day weekend.

A repeat walker from last year pointed out that last year they never trained in the rain and it didn't rain on the 3-Day either. I hope (and pray!) that this rainy training weekend is not a sign of things to come!

Nonetheless, I have come too far to let a little bit of rain stop me now!!!


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