Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Typically I receive my Ten on Tuesday questions from Chelsea at Roots and Rings. Imagine my surprise when I realized Chelsea is taking the week off from blogging AND no Ten on Tuesday questions...oh my! And just when I was counting on her to supply me with questions so I can at least one posting per week.

Well, here goes my own Ten on Tuesday. And in typical form of my blog, very random questions that someone has asked me at one time or another, wished they had asked me, or they did ask and I danced around the question.

1. Where am I from?
I was born and raised in a small, rural community named Cassopolis, Michigan. It's a village (that's what it says on the welcome sign) located in the lower southwest corner of Michigan. The nearest large city that people probably know is South Bend, Indiana (home of the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish!).

2. How did I wind up in Dallas, Texas?
While I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio (hated it!), I spent a few months in Dallas for a work assignment. A few days after the assignment ended I was offered a different position with my company. Although I was not required to move I looked at the new position as an opportunity to leave Cincinnati and move to someplace that I liked, where I knew people, and would provide other career opportunities in the future.

3. Do I have siblings?
Yes, I have three. A sister and two brothers. I am the oldest. In many ways we are very different, yet we do have underlying similarities (although half of us aren't blood related).

4. Why do I blog?
Blogging started as a way to express my feelings in an anonymous way. I think that my life is kind of random most days, and thought (OK hoped!) that someone else might think my life random enough to want to follow along.

5. What do I do when not blogging?
If you're one of the 8 followers that I have, you already know that I don't blog on a daily basis (although I really, really want to!). Hopefully 2012 will make that pipe dream a reality! I recently completed my masters degree which took up a lot of my time. Since the end of October my time has been spent watching mindless TV (anything Kardashian, Real Housewives,) and some good TV (Revenge, Person of Interest). It's the off season for the 3 Day, although very soon my focus will return to training and fundraising for a worthy cause.

6. Do I have any friends?
Other than my Tweeps (follow me @indygirl_1997 if you want to read 140 character random thoughts), Facebook friends (send me a friend request, my name is Shannon Underwood), and loyal folders here, I actually have a few friends! For the most part, I am a pretty private person yet an open book. If you ask me a question I'll answer, although I'm not that forth coming with info on my own (much to the chagrin of my few friends).

7. What is my one guilty pleasure?
I'll keep this answer to material things since I seem to have a lot of guilty pleasures in different categories. It's jewelry. I love bling which I blame on my birthstone being a diamond. I love watches (OK, specifically Michele watches). I love bracelets and bangles. One goal for 2012 is not to make any major jewelry purchases (I haven't defined the threshold for 'major' although I probably need to figure out what that means soon!).

8. Growing up what did I want to be?
I always wanted to be a Flight Attendant and longed for the day that I could apply to an airline. My dream was cut short when I shared my dream with a complete stranger. His response was 'Why would you want to do that? That's nothing more than a glorified waitress in the sky?' From that moment forward I realized the power of words and the affect (positive or negative) words can have on someone.

9. What is my favorite vacation spot?
To date it is Aruba. I've been there twice and will definitely go back again. The island is small, located outside of the hurricane zone, and everything is reasonably priced. A lot of different countries are represented there and the food is wonderful! It's one place that I would feel safe enough to travel there alone.

10. How hard was it to come up with 10 questions!
Let's just say that I'll be glad when Chelsea returns next week!


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