Sunday, January 29, 2012

February NaBloPoMo

Can you believe that I have already signed up for February NaBloPoMo?! Over the past month I have found out just how time consuming keeping up a blog can be. And not that I am complaining. I am really enjoying writing for my blog!

One of the concerns I am experiencing is making certain I am writing about things that will interest other people. I mean, I think my world is somewhat interesting. But even I get bored with my world sometimes.

So, for the month of February I am going to try to follow the theme from NaBloPoMo. This month's theme is: RELATIVE. I decided to look up the meaning of relative (curtesty of

1. a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage.
2. something having, or standing in, some relation to something else.
3. something dependent upon external conditions for its specific nature, size, etc. ( opposed to absolute).
4. Grammar . a relative pronoun, adjective, or adverb.

5. considered in relation to something else; comparative: the relative merits of democracy and monarchy.
6. existing or having its specific nature only by relation to something else; not absolute or independent: Happiness is relative.
7. having relation or connection.
8. having reference or regard; relevant; pertinent (usually followed by to ): to determine the facts relative to an accident.
9. correspondent; proportionate: Value is relative to demand.

So, it looks like I might possibly be exploring my family relationships, friendship relationships, business relationships, etc. Looks like this could be interesting. And if all else fails, I can just go back to my very random posts!


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