Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Attitude

Ok, I think I'm finally over my Weight Watchers and non-weight loss funk. It's totally not me to have a bad attitude about things as I am normally a glass half full type of gal.

The other day as I was lounging for the day in my PJ's (ok, being lazy), I found myself watching past episodes of weight loss stories featured on Oprah. There were people who lost under a 100 pounds, a 100 pounds, and some who lost hundreds of pounds. The people who lost hundreds of pounds really amazed me. Some had lost their mobility due to their weight, yet they still found a way to exercise to lose weight.

When I thought about my 'woe is me' attitude, I quickly realized that I don't have a lot of other factors hindering me from losing weight. I am physically mobile and I'm not responsible for preparing meals for anyone but myself. I've determined that my lack of exercise and daily activity is one of my challenges. Yes, I can walk a half marathon or 60 miles for breast cancer, but just exercising everyday because I should isn't something that I do.

So I've decided to get back on the wagon and get back on my weight loss journey again. My goal is to lose 75 pounds, which is a lot of weight. And I would like to lose it by this time next year. Which is completely doable since safe weight loss is 1 -2 pounds per week.

I know there will be good days and bad days, and lots of other temptations and distractions along the way. The important thing is for me to keep my eye on the prize just like I do in other areas of my life when I want to reach a goal.


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