Friday, January 27, 2012

Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe'

Earlier this week when I was checking out historic St. Charles, I forgot to mention that I found a new cupcakery to try! One of the shops had a banner hanging outside advertising that it sold Jilly's Cupcakes. Intrigued, I decided to go inside...

Well, once inside the store I realized that it was a children's store that little customized beanie type hats were sold. On a stand were about 8 cupcakes in plastic containers. I have to admit that the cupcakes looked tasty, but I wondered how long they had been sitting there a.k.a how fresh are these cupcakes? After checking them out, I went outside and accessed the cupcake business on my smartphone. Next thing I knew I was in my rental car headed to try Jilly's cupcakes!

When I arrived, I was surprised to see the following window wrap:

I had no idea this cupcakery was a winner of Season 3 Cupcake Wars! Now, as much as I love cupcakes, I don't follow Cupcake Wars (maybe I should start, huh?). So now I was even more intrigued about these cupcakes.

There was a line which gave me time to look over the cupcakes, although I already had my mind made up. Here's my cupcake selection...The Bee Sting!

Love the bee on top!

Two of my favorite flavors are honey and lemon, and this cupcake had both! It's a vanilla cupcake, with honey lemon curd stuffing (also known as filling), and topped with lemon cream cheese frosting, toasted almonds, and white chocolate bark with crushed lemon candies. The cupcake was kind of dense (not as dense as Sprinkles) and not overly sweet. Although the topping certainly won the prize for sweetness! The frosting was a thick cream cheese frosting that complemented the cupcake very well.

I received a fresh cupcake (meaning it had not been sitting out on the counter like the others) and it was a bit chilled. I believe that I would have enjoyed this cupcake more if it had been sitting at room temperature for a little while.

Overall it was a great cupcake. A little pricey ($5) but the size and quality of ingredients definitely warranted the price. The decorative nature of Jilly's cupcakes is a big draw. Bottom line is I would definitely return to Jilly's if I were in St. Louis again!


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