Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a Heavy Medalist!

My Rock 'n Roll Heavy Medal finally arrived!

I received this medal for walking in two 2011 Competitor Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series events. Last March I walked the Dallas half marathon, and this past December I walked the Las Vegas half marathon. Notice I typed 'walked'...I'm definitely not a runner, let alone a jogger. I just enjoy long distance walking.

I walked my first half marathon as a way to stay in training mode during the 3 Day off season. After each event, I keep thinking that eventually I want to train to jog a portion of the half marathon. To be honest, walking 13.1 miles isn't that challenging for me after walking 60 miles during the 3 Day. (Don't get me wrong, 13.1 miles is a lot of miles!) I really do want to challenge myself to either beat my walking time or better yet, actually train to jog a half marathon.

I haven't signed up to walk the 2012 Dallas Rock 'n Roll half marathon. I'm not really feeling motivated to do much in the way of health and fitness right now (I really need to get out of this slump!). But I am going to volunteeer at the event with my 3 Day walking team, Angels for the Cure. Our team will be at one of the water stations to hand out water to the walkers and runners.

Although...I'll admit that once I received my new blinged out heavy medal in the mail, I really did think about signing up to walk next month. Funny how a medal on a ribbon would be my motivation, huh? OK, just wait until you walk, jog or run your first half marathon and receive your medal. Then you'll understand...

My Half Marathon Medal Bling Collection


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