Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TV, Anyone?

Do you have a favorite TV night? I finally figured out that my night for TV is Tuesday night! Here's my line up (in no particular order):

Real Housewives of Orange County - I know, I know as some of you roll your eyes. For some reason the Real Housewives series is my guilty pleasure. And the Real Housewives of Orange County are probably my favorite! Who doesn't like to watch ladies of leisure complain about their lives and make us wonder how they really make money?

The Game - The Game is back for another season after it was cancelled, and then returned with a less then stellar season. In case you've never seen it, you can find it on BET. It's about a fictional football team in San Diego and the players and their wives and probably covers just about all of the sterotypes you can think of about ballers and their lifestyles.

Let's Stay Together - This show is in it's second season on BET and airs right after The Game. It started out about one couple who is married, one couple who is dating, and then a girl who is single. Now both of the couples are married and the single gal has gone off to be on Survivor (a.k.a. having a baby in real life).

Southland - This is a police drama that comes on TNT. I never did watch the show when it came on one of the major networks. I found it sometime last year when I was channel surfing late at night and was immediately hooked! The new season just started and I can't wait to see what will happen next. Very interesting mix of characters and storylines.

Flashpoint - This is another police drama. It wasn't until recently that I found out the show is filmed in Canada. (I thought it was filmed in Seattle, go figure). The show is about a fictional Strategic Response Unit and has a great story line that captures you in the first few minutes of each episode. And what's pretty cool about the show it that all of the major actors are Canadian, except for the female lead.

Inkmaster - As if I didn't already have enough shows to watch on Tuesday night, I just added Inkmaster to my Tuesday rotation this week. Inkmaster is a tattoo competition show. From looking at me, no one usually guesses that I have a fascination with tattoos or that I have been tattooed five times. Secretly I have always wanted to be a tattoo artist but my lack of drawing skills continues to hold me back form pursuing my dream. And after watching a few episodes of this show, I now know what to look for in my next tattoo artist.

Glee - I almost forgot this show! I only started watching Glee a little over a year ago. The quick wit and humor are what drew me in. Sometimes the singing can be a bit much for me, but I do enjoy most of their versions of popular songs.

Ringer - Last, but not least is Ringer. This is a show of many twists and turns about identical twin sisters (and some bad acting from time to time, which includes really fake backgrounds). One sister was running away from her past, only to have her twin die (OK, fake her death) and then resume the dead sister's life. And guess what? The 'dead' sister is back and now their lives are starting to cross. It still hasn't been revealed why the one sister faked her death in the first place.

I know this seems like a LOT of TV to watch in one evening (OK, period!). Thankfully I have a DVR and I record all of the shows and watch them at my leisure (usually after they have recorded so I can fast forward through the commercials).

Certainly, I'm not the only TV junkie out there....what are you watching?


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