Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

For those who follow my blog on a regular basis, you might have realized that for the past two weeks I haven't posted my weekly Weight Watcher weigh in. Part of the reason is that I have been out of town on business trips for the past two Wednesdays. And yes, that is just an excuse since there are Weight Watcher locations just about everywhere. Here's to hoping that I find myself to Weight Watcher's next week!

OK, I'm only the second day into Lent and what I decided to be committed to for the next 40 days. I know originally I said that I wanted to limit my sweets consumption. That is still in play, although I decided to take it a bit further. Over the next 40 days I really want to concentrate on healthy eating and making better food (and drink) choices.

It always seems like when I have an epiphany about these things, I am in the middle of a business trip. (Although if I were being honest with myself, I'm ALWAYS in the middle of a business trip!) So realistically, there probably isn't a better time to begin something new other than taking charge and starting it today!

Just because I am traveling, doesn't mean I don't have healthy options available. I typically just choose to avoid them. I would like to stick to just seafood, turkey or vegetarian dishes during Lent. Yesterday I did pretty good that I had shrimp for lunch dinner. Where the better choice could have came in was not to have fried shrimp on a Po Boy sandwich (although it was SO good!). For dinner I did much better in that I only ate half of my meal. (It could have been that it was rich, but hey, I'll take eating half a meal anyway I can get it!)

Making the decision to change my eating habits is going to be a difficult one for me to stay committed. But when I stop and think about all of the other things I commit to (like walking 60 miles for breast cancer) I know that I can commit to a healthier lifestyle. I want to do this while the choice is still my own and not someone telling me I have to do it.


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