Thursday, February 9, 2012


I know that its been awhile since I posted my Weight Watcher's results. I finally decided to go in and face the music (a.k.a. weigh in). Here are the results:

Weekly Loss/Gain: -3.4 pounds
Total Loss/Gain: -9.8 pounds

Believe me, I am as surprised as you are that my weight is down! Especially after spending a week and a half in St. Louis and it all it seemed like I did was eat. Although for the past week, I have been a lot more conscious of what I have been eating. (And probably being a little under the weather helped that too!)

None the less, I think I am finally ready to get back on my weight loss wagon. Last week when I was town for a day, Simply Fit Foods was running a promo special on house accounts. So today I swung by there and picked up my meals for the next several days. Although I will be traveling the first part of next week,  the travel is close enough that I can pack some meals to take with me.

A few weeks ago I was watching a TV program (probably Oprah or Dr. Phil) about weight loss. And there were three questions that were asked regarding losing weight:

1. Why are you overweight?

I'm overweight because I don't exercise portion control and will power. I thoroughly enjoy eating - trying new and different things, going to new restaurants, desserts, the taste and texture of foods, and the list goes on and on. I realize that I can enjoy all of those things but it doesn't have to be on a daily basis. And when I do enjoy those things, it needs to be in moderation. I can still enjoy eating. I just need to begin enjoying fruits and vegtables a lot more.

2. Why do you want to lose weight?

I want to lose weight to be healthy. Adult onset diabetes runs in my family. And I know that the extra weight that I carry makes me more susceptible to getting diabetes if I don't begin watching what I eat and in turn losing weight.

3. Why have you been unable to maintain weight loss?

I've been unable to maintain weight loss because I think of it as once I lose the weight, the battle is over. And it's not. For me, maintaining my weight loss is going to be an active job for me. And probably a job that I will have for the rest of my life.

When I think about it, the extra weight didn't happen overnight. Unfortunately, it isn't going to go away overnight either. It is going to take a conscious decision on my part to become more active and make better choices around the foods that I eat. I want to lose the weight in a healthy way in order to have a better chance of keeping it off once and for all.


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