Saturday, March 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

I noticed an 'Awarkward and Awesome' post on one of the blogs that I follow. Inspired by E from E is Random who was inspired by Sydney at The Daybook. Here's my try at my awkward and awesome moments for the week:

  • Being over 1,000 miles away from my family this week while two step-parents had major surgeries.
  • Breaking a fingernail just when all my nails were where I wanted them.
  • Contacting my manager about applying for a different position. Mainly awkward since she recently offered me a different opportunity within my department and I haven't given her a response yet. The offer still pends as some final details are still pending.
  • Watching Kacie B. from The Bachelor lay on a hotel floor after Ben sent her on her way for the second time.
  • My stepfather receiving a heart donor for his heart transplant.
  • My stepmother had her breast reconstruction surgery from her fight with breast cancer.
  • Applying for a job at my company that I think I would be perfect for.
  • Finally scheduling a lunch meet up with a friend who relocated to the Dallas Metroplex.
  • Absolutely beautiful spring days in Dallas this week! I wish it were like this all the time!


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