Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday TV

Just when I didn't think that I could add anything else to my TV show line up, I found more shows to add!

One of my guilty pleasures is purchasing gossip magazines(People, Life & Style, and US Weekly) to read when flying on an airplane. During my last flight I found some new additions for my DVR:
  • Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis - a couple of days ago I already wrote about my love of Jeff Lewis. Although his new show doesn't appear that it will be like Flippin' Out, I still think the Jeff I know and love won't disappoint with his quick wit and comments.
  • Shahs of Sunset - yet another BRAVO show added to the line up. This show is about Persians living the fabulous life in Beverly Hills. I'm sure it will be a similar in format to The Real Housewives... series. Can't wait!
  • Missing - An ABC show about a mother looking to find her son. I'll admit the main draw is Ashley Judd since I am a huge fan of hers. We'll how long this shows lasts.
  • Fashion Star - I don't know how long this show will keep my attention. After researching it a bit more, I think this might be like Project Runway, which unfortunately doesn't do much for me.
And if that wasn't enough, I realized that one of my favorite shows, Fairly Legal, begins its new season this week. The shows main charter, Kate Reed (played by Sarah Shahi) was a lawyer who decided to become a mediator in her father's business after he died unexpectedly. To make thinks more interesting, she has a stepmother who doesn't appear to be too much older than her, and she is has an interesting relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Kate Reed's character is fun and the story line is pretty good too. If you ever watched the L Word on showtime, Sarah Shahi played a charter named Carmen.

I know you might be wondering, 'Just how much space does her DVR have?' I'm probably pressing the limits right about now, especially since I'll be away from home the next few weeks.

What are are some of your favorite TV shows?
(Seriosuly, I'm just curious...obviously I already watch too much TV as it is!)


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