Friday, March 2, 2012


How fitting that the March NaBloPoMo prompt for yesterday would be about uncertainty: How do you feel about uncertainty? Is it exciting or scary?

Earlier today I decided to apply for a different position within my company. After speaking to my manager about the position and doing some research on my own, I decided that I would apply. When applying for any position, I only think of myself as my competition. I don't worry or think about who else might apply. With this current opening, I feel that I have great qualifications that will make me  a very competitive candidate for this position. It wasn't until I submitted the needed form that I began to have doubts.

I work for a large company in the insurance and financial services industry. One of the big pushes at my company is for continuing education to obtain an insurance designation. Although insurance designations are highly regarded in the insurance industry, they aren't so much in the non-insurance world. And, although I work for an insurance company, the positions that I have held are not insurance specific such as a claims adjuster or insurance agent. Hence, why I focused on educational opportunities that would benefit me in any industry.

After submitting my interest in the position, I began to feel uncertain about my qualifications since I don't have an insurance designation. (This position is not insurance specific either) Although I have stood by what I believe in to be important as far as education, I am now wondering how my choice will impact me professionally. Believe me, I know about the checklists that are used to wade through potential candidates. (Yes, I worked in Human Resources once upon a time)

So, how do I feel about uncertainty? Right now it's a good mixture of exciting and scary. Exciting for the opportunities this new position would bring, and scary because it would create a big change in my life. Right now, I am looking at both of those things as positives. Bring it on!


Lois said...

Years ago a friend of your Grandmother looked at you and said that you were destined for great things. God has certainly blessed you with a strength and determination to keep looking ahead and shoot for your dreams. There is nothing that you can't accomplish when you set your mind to it. Thanks for being my hero. I am so proud of the woman you are.

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